Roadside Rescue – Poang chair

I rescued an Ikea Poang chair from the side of the road this week. It was all alone by the bus stop and looking for some TLC. The kids egged me on as I assessed its sav-ability and popped it in the back of the car. It was missing its slipcover cushion, and I knew I had a spare at home. It was the frame that needed attention. 

The woodwork looked mostly like this:


The chair frame fabric looked like this (that’s mould, not dirt):


It took an hour to undo the chair frame with an allen key, unpick the frame fabric and use it as a template for the new fabric frame, cut out and sew up the new fabric frame, and clean up the woodwork. And then the Poang looked like this:


And the back shot (with dodgy french seam not caught down):


Add a cushion slipcover and the almost-9-year-old is a happy girl with a new chair for bedroom reading. And I am happy to have performed another successful roadside reno for the princely sum of $0. 



Winding down

Yesterday was sooooo exciting, especially if you are a nine year old girl. Ella and I went off to the Miley Cyrus concert last night. I took a packet of Nurofen for backup, but it really wasn’t so bad. Ella loved her first concert (with the exception of the Wiggles when she was 3. Hmm. A different vibe maybe..). Here she is belting out a tune with Miley. She is wearing the new shrug I made her this week. Fancy schmansy.

This is my sewing room assistant. Building a dinosaur fort will buy approximately half an hour for sewing.

We are so looking forward to the school holidays. We are all long overdue for some time out. I have been sitting down unravelling an old jumper from the op shop, to be turned into something new.

I sat out in the sun room enjoying small breaks of sun, with my new window box of lettuce and parley to cheer things up.

What’s hot and what’s not

I thought I might join in on Claire’s “What’s Hot or Not”.


* I set a goal at the beginning of this month to walk every day in November. I missed 4 days so not a bad effort. Most mornings I managed to get straight out for a walk  and leave hubby to the breakfast circus. It was nice to be out early, and have achieved something for the day.  

* I have sewn the girls some summer hats, and refashioned some clothes. I quickly made up a pre-printed advent calendar panel for Ari, who didn’t have an advent calendar. The girls have the pocket kind, and I have collected a few treats, activities and goodies to fill it with. Ari’s will be filled with his dummy each night. Advent calendars are also useful as bribery for chore completion.

* I spent 10 hours on the weekend completing a 1000 piece puzzle. I needed that quiet time of nothingness. The day and the family went through their day quietly without disturbing me.

* I am cruising with the Christmas gift purchasing. These 2 adorable little girls are for my 2 adorable little girls. The pattern is from Hop Skip Jump. I am scrambling with the teacher presents, which I cleverly bought at last year’s Boxing Day sales and have now misplaced, meaning I have to start again.

* We spent Saturday catching up on gardening and mooching around the house.

* The Christmas concerts for school and kinder are done and dusted. Our calendar is looking at a pretty clear run right up until Christmas Day. Woo hoo! We need it. As we are every year, we are limping our way towards the end of the year with everyone utterly exhausted and testy.


* I’m still knitting that tedious string bag. I am up to the handles now, and should run out of cotton with about 6 inches left on the i-cord handles. Sigh.

 * Ella has sinusitis. She seemed well right up until the Assembly performance was about to begin this morning. She burst into tears, and I took her home. I was up until 9:30pm last night fashioning a donkey costume, which I was only notified that she needed on Friday afternoon. She ended up missing the concert and didn’t need the costume. Sigh.

* There was a copperhead snake in our chook yard on Friday afternoon. I went in to collect the eggs with Ari on my hip, and walked straight back out again. The Snake Man was called to collect said copperhead. He informed me to “Wacth it and see if it moves. If it moves, follow it and see where it goes so I can try and find it. I will be there in half an hour”. I paced nervously outside the chook yard, and watched the snake through the door of the chook house with some binocluars, in between rushed trips to the house to calm the kids down and stop them coming outside.   

When the Snake Man arrived he went into the shed, where much banging and crashing was heard.  Then silence. Eventually he called out, “Hey! Can you give me a hand? “(!!!!!). Apparently the snake had been halfway through eating a mouse, saw the Snake Man, spat out the mouse, and made a dive for the mouse hole. The Snake Man had hold of just 10cm of its tail. After sending some water down the hole, the snake relented and the Snake Man extracted it, but not before I had to run to the house and collect a torch, some wire cutters, and a crowbar to lift the tin on the shed wall. I was happy to wave them both goodbye. And pour myself a Cointreau.





The 7 hour quilt

My friend Ros had a baby boy on Sunday. When I got the news I decided to make a quilt. I managed to cut, piece and sew the top in 2 hours, sandwich it with backing and wadding and machine quilt “in-the-ditch” in 2 hours, and then bind the edges in 3 hours. Phew!

I dropped it off to baby Jarred last night, after quickly sewing a label on the back. It’s a very boy-ish boy quilt!

Music bag

My niece turned 2 yesterday, and I made a music bag for her with some wooden musical instruments in it. I hope she liked it!

The music bag is sitting on a little wooden bench seat I picked up at the op shop on Friday for $4. Bargain! I am going to sand it back and paint it for the baby’s room, to make a little reading corner.

Jamie and some friends took the girls to Lake Mountain toboganning on Friday, and I had a relaxing day to myself – bliss. The all had a great time, with it snowing most of the day on the mountain. Photos to follow next week.

Baby scan was this week – 32 week scan to check the placenta had moved out of the way, which it had. Baby is looking very cute and putting it’s hands in it’s mouth. Ella came along with us, and loved seeing the baby on the big screen.