Summer holidays

Hello! Did you have a great Christmas and New Year? We did. We have eased ourselves in to 2012 with a week long road trip across some of NSW and back home again. We have another small break coming up – a new adventure. Stay tuned.

The vegie garden has gone mad with pumpkins and zucchinis taking over now that the beans have finished.

We worked into the twilight tonight picking all the blood plums, and hunting for wild blackberries.

I love summer produce. Bring on the tomatoes. I’m not even sick of zucchini yet (tonight was roasted zucchini with parmesan and herbs).




Pics by Ari

I synced my phone recently and found some sneaky pics taken by Ari.






Making me smile today…

* This vimeo┬ávia Amanda’s tweet. Lovin’ the dance.

* Florence and the Machine tix purchased for May 2012. Whoot!

* A milestone by Claire.

* 3 days left of school for us. It seems every day I have to prep either:

a) a plate of food for a celebration. Notice given: less than 12 hours

b) a costume of varying degrees of difficulty made from things found at home. Notice given: 2 days

c) a Kris Kringle gift of $5 limit for a class mate. Notice given: 2 days

d) an emergency gift for a teacher. Notice given: 1 hour in the morning by the 9 year old

We’re on the home straight. Let me hear you say “Christmas!”

Icing frenzy

I am over Royal Icing. We have just finished the frenzy of baking, preparing and dropping off our entries for this years local Horticultural and Agricultural Show (or as everyone calls it, ‘The Show’). Ari has submitted his first ever entry in the Preschoolers section of Decorated Marie Biscuits. Love it.

I forgot to photograph Mia’s entry of decorated biscuits (which will no doubt be pointed out to me by Mia). Other family entries included a clay lizard, a painted clay girl and dog, a knitted cardi, a quilt, a patchwork scarf, three types of jams, a jar of pickles, and a loaf of bread.

Fingers crossed for favourable judging! It costs to enter in The Show, and considering you don’t win any prize money it is not all that economical. We are just happy to be supporting the local community, and helping to keep a local institution going. We do hope someone comes home with a certificate and a ribbon though.

Below is Ella’s entry of decorated cupcakes. If you can stand how darn cute they are.


Nesting squares blanket

Hello! Still here. I’ve been knitting, and sewing a quilt top. This blanket is for my shiny new nephew born only 9 days ago. I love the autumny colours, and enjoyed knitting this blanket. It is the Nesting Squares Blanket from More Last Minute Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. It will tough to part with this blanket, but for a new nephew…….well, I can let it go. And cast on another blanket.

Reining it in

Keeping things quiet.

Trying to stem the tide.

Getting a handle on new situations.

Waiting for things to happen and to stop happening.

That’s where we are at in this moment.

Taking some moments of:


Good food


and celebration.