Roadside Rescue – Poang chair

I rescued an Ikea Poang chair from the side of the road this week. It was all alone by the bus stop and looking for some TLC. The kids egged me on as I assessed its sav-ability and popped it in the back of the car. It was missing its slipcover cushion, and I knew I had a spare at home. It was the frame that needed attention. 

The woodwork looked mostly like this:


The chair frame fabric looked like this (that’s mould, not dirt):


It took an hour to undo the chair frame with an allen key, unpick the frame fabric and use it as a template for the new fabric frame, cut out and sew up the new fabric frame, and clean up the woodwork. And then the Poang looked like this:


And the back shot (with dodgy french seam not caught down):


Add a cushion slipcover and the almost-9-year-old is a happy girl with a new chair for bedroom reading. And I am happy to have performed another successful roadside reno for the princely sum of $0. 



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