Catching up

Done. Dusted. My bookkeeping study is done. It was an epic last half of 2012 as I crammed in way more study than I should have. And 3 exams. Ugh, that brought me right back to Year 12 VCE with a thud. Pretty pleased with myself now it’s all over, and I got high distinctions for every subject. 

I recently caught up with some old friends at my 20 year school reunion in country VIC. Wow. Blast from the past. I loved catching up with my school bestie, we agreed that neither of us had changed.



I stayed with my bachelor bro in the 100-year-old farmhouse he rents. Mia was particularly taken with the pull cord light switch. I loved the tin plate ceiling and wall panels. We spent the last day of our road trip in the Grampians. Such a great day tripping around in the ute. 


Now that the study is over, I have my Christmas shopping to finish up. And craft to craft! And the house is a tip. Yeh, there’s that too. 


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