Our Other Girls

Last Saturday, a cunning fox visited at an unprecedented 11am in the morning. Seven of our eight  chookie girls were taken. The lavender Araucana was the only survivor, huddled and scared away from the carnage. The lavender Araucana is the nervous Nelly, or as I call her “The Panic Merchant”. One of my favourites, she has a “the-sky-is-falling” disposition. And rightly so. 


Here are some of the girls when we got them, at 8 weeks old last October. And more recently, running to say Hello and pecking at my gumboots. 



I spent yesterday picking up the feathers that are strewn everywhere. I can’t stand to look at them.

I grew up on a farm, I know how it goes. We have lost chooks before, but only one at a time. Seven? Well, seven was a bit much to handle. 

You move on, you dust yourself off, and you keep on going. Ari and I picked up 3 new girls today. A point-of-lay Isa Brown, and two 8-week-old babies: another Araucana and a Light Sussex. They won’t lay until about 22 weeks. They are settling in, with the babies separated from the older ones. The Lavender Araucana has no time to be lonely now, she is too busy puffing herself up and looking in charge. 

I can’t wait until the girls get home from school to see them, and fuss over them. As we start over again. 



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