February: a new start

It just occurred to me that February was full of new starts for us. I looked back through my archives of Feb happy snaps and there they all were: new school, new Kinder, new horse riding venue, new friends, new experiences. I have to say, it has all been a little overwhelming and disruptive. I am longing for the lazy days of summer and no routine.

I have taken over the reins at the new school with the Kitchen Garden. I am undecided about how that is going. There is a fantastic veg and herb garden already underway. There is gardening and then kitchen cooking every week. The kids are so into it. Week 3 is tomorrow – more zucchini recipes!

Amongst that there has been sad news about friends, a concert at the zoo, yabbie catching, a $26.25 challenge, some serious hard waste perusing (and snaffling!), prodcue preserving, the chooks finally laying, our first green/blue araucana egg, committee meetings, picking blackberries, making jam and holidays planned. Oh, and a truck smashing the front of my car off. At least the 3 1/2 weeks in the substitute  4WD meant for some serious hard waste action. All was not lost.

We are keeping it sane with dreams of weekends at home. So precious and coveted at the moment: Ella for reading, Mia for sleeping in, Ari for trampolining, me for knitting and Jamie for the veg garden. It’s the weekend dreaming that keeps the weekdays sailing by.


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