Icing frenzy

I am over Royal Icing. We have just finished the frenzy of baking, preparing and dropping off our entries for this years local Horticultural and Agricultural Show (or as everyone calls it, ‘The Show’). Ari has submitted his first ever entry in the Preschoolers section of Decorated Marie Biscuits. Love it.

I forgot to photograph Mia’s entry of decorated biscuits (which will no doubt be pointed out to me by Mia). Other family entries included a clay lizard, a painted clay girl and dog, a knitted cardi, a quilt, a patchwork scarf, three types of jams, a jar of pickles, and a loaf of bread.

Fingers crossed for favourable judging! It costs to enter in The Show, and considering you don’t win any prize money it is not all that economical. We are just happy to be supporting the local community, and helping to keep a local institution going. We do hope someone comes home with a certificate and a ribbon though.

Below is Ella’s entry of decorated cupcakes. If you can stand how darn cute they are.



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