Sour cream, the long way round

I recently purchased the book “Home Dairy” by Ashely English. Having read about it on Soulemama, I was thrilled to find it in my local book shop.

Needing sour cream this week, I set about making my own: the long way round. I do believe that adding lemon juice to cream can produce sour cream in a much shorter time frame. But where’s the fun in that!

With a quick flick through the book, all that was needed is buttermilk and cream. Not content with any supermarket buttermilk, this meant I had to make butter to get buttermilk to make sour cream.

Pressing the water from the butter after it has been rinsed.

Seperating the cream in the food processor took no time at all. Once the buttermilk was collected, the butter was rinsed. The water needed to be pressed out of the butter before the butter was ready. Easy. Salt optional.


With the buttermilk acquired my Home Dairy ground to a halt when I discovered the sour cream needs to stand for 12 hours. I will make this tonight and leave it overnight. Off to the next culinary adventure now. Bacon!


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