Kids Clothes Week Challenge

A last minute entry here! Elsie Marley is running a fab Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week. Ari needs pants, Mia a scarf and Ella a beanie. Let’ see how it goes. I need to get my sewing Mojo back.

With Ari in desperate need of some comfortable pants, I went searching through the fabric stash and came up with some moleskin. Mum gave it to me after declaring she would never use it, but it was too good to give away. Hmmm.

Traditionally sewn with the brushed “moleskin” side on the outer, I decided to use the fluffy side on the inside as a warm layer. This was directly prompted by the 2 degrees it was as we went to gymnastics this morning. I used the Cute Kids Pants pattern from Pip’s book, Sew La Tea Do, sewn in the biggest size. They are a perfect fit and should see out the winter.

The boy is pleased. He is wearing them and filling the pockets with toy frogs and lizards. One day down, 6 to go!

Note: no moles were harmed in the making of these pants. 


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