I tried Mooncakes a few years ago as part of the Chinese Moon Festival. They are delicious little Chinese pastries, traditionally filled with a lotus paste filling and a salted duck egg yolk centre. Ella and I went to a class about traditional Chinese festival foods held at the Chinese Museum in Melbourne City on the weekend, which included making mooncakes. I have seen these made once before by a Chinese mum using a traditional wooden mould to shape and print the mooncakes.

The first photo shows them being made. The second photo shows them cooked and uncooked.

These scrumptious parcels wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed are for the Dragon Boat Festival. They are filled with uncooked rice fried in soy sauce, and shitake mushrooms and belly pork. They steam for 2 hours and then you eat them straight from the bamboo leaf parcel. Ella loved these.

She charmed one of the organisers into letting her take this sweet bread dumpling home for a snack.

A visit to the colourful Chinese Museum finished up a lovely day out with my girl.


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