My new go-to kids gift

Thankfully I whipped up these little otedama at the beginning of the week. Before 69mm of rain dumped on our house in 5 hours. Before our downstairs room flooded. Before our house was in chaos from all the affected furniture and belongings being put “anywhere! hurry!”. Before there was a mini river running underneath our house from all the water. Before the wall downstairs had water running out of it like a tap. Now our carpet is wet and stinky while we wait for the insurance people to visit.

But these! The perfect gift for a gymnastic, sporty 7 year old. Especially one whose birthday party is smack in the middle of No Spend Month. I used  this wonderful tutuorial which I found to be fabulous, well explained and super quick. They took no time at all to make, even with the school run and a toddler harassing me for constant snacks.

Add a little drawstring bag and an instruction sheet, and I see this being my go-to present for kids of all ages in 2011. I best get started on some back up sets. Well, I’ll get started once my office is moved out of my sewing room, my sewing room is moved out of the playroom, and the spare bed is moved out of our lounge room.


2 thoughts on “My new go-to kids gift

  1. Very cute :0) i was wondering where you got the instruction sheet from. I have some kimono scraps and these would be a great use for them. Cheers.

    • Hi Cherie, if you click on the link with the words “this wonderful tutorial” it will take you to the tutorial. They will look great in kimono scraps.

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