The mending pile

I like to think of myself as a thrifty-type. Most of the things we buy are second-hand. When it comes to clothing nothing beats making what you have last a little longer. Mending is not so much in vogue, judging by the lovely finds at the op shop that only require a button sewn on or a hem sewn up again. In my mending pile today was a wool jumper of hubby’s that needed mended.

I thrifted a darning mushroom back in September, and was thrilled to bring it home with me. I had one, then lost it. And this one is sooo much better than the wooden play orange segment from Ari’s playset that I was using as a darning mushroom. Enough said.

This one is a beauty, complete with a bicycle clip to hold your work steady, should you require that. I love old sewing notions. I have baskets,  boxes and bags of them all over my sewing room. Needles, wooden spools, tortoise shell knitting needles, little cards of press-studs and ric rac. I don’t mind a good vintage sewing or knitting pattern either. Watch out for me at the next church jumble sale. I’ll be there with my elbows out!


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