How was your Christmas? Mine was full of kids, chaos and food. We were away from home this Christmas, only for a few days. It was nice to see family but bliss to get back to home.

I am waiting for my motivation to join me in the year 2011. Nothing yet. I am pottering about getting not much of anything done. I’m staring listlessly at the sewing room which is half cleared. I don’t want to sew or craft or knit. I could easily set a match to the whole room. I would save my laptop, Florence Broadhurst fabric, camera and Enid Blyton book collection first.

I made pickles though. Lots of pickles. My friends Marina dropped over 4.5 kilos of zucchini.  That’s how you get a lot of pickles. We made some raspberry cordial and raspberry jam on Boxing Day Evening after returning home. Crazy timing, but raspberries were cheap and we had to act fast.

Our mulberry tree is only 1 metre high and loaded with berries. I have to sneak out there to get them before Ella. She sneaks out there when she puts the chooks away and doesn’t see me watching her through the lounge window. I wonder if she spies me sneaking mulberries? The taste of mulberries takes me right back to my childhood on the farm. My great-aunt and uncle had the hugest mulberry tree. It is still there. The taste of mulberries make we wish I was still there.



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