How NOT to plait garlic

Hmmm. Plaiting garlic. Certainly knot (tish, boom!) one of my fortes. Firstly, start with substandard garlic that looks nothing like the one in the online tutorial. Make sure the stalks of your garlic have over-dried so that they are not in the least bit pliable. Next you want to make sure you have a throat infection and zero tolerance. Then ask your hubby to help. Begin plaiting garlic.

Discover that the plait is too thick. Have a little tanty. Unwrap the garlic plait. Divide the garlic in half. Slam the lid down on your laptop so you can’t see the perfect tutorial any more. Forge ahead and make 2 puny garlic strands. Sweep the floor of all the snapped off parts of stalk. Sigh. Eat some chocolate. Leave the kitchen so your hubby can make some rhubarb champagne. Vow to continue using ‘garlic in a jar’.



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