December Days

The school holidays have been in full force here for over a week. Ari and I took an unscheduled trip to South Australia for my Grandmother’s funeral. The Christmas cakes have been baked, and the Christmas shopping is all done. There have been a few playdates, and catch ups with friends. Some gardening, some sleeping in, and some some decorating for Christmas. Lazy days in the wind down until Christmas. A dear friend turned 50 today, and I was finally able to deliver her quilt.

Matching Santa sacks for the girls and their baby cousin.

Some making for and by siblings. Ella has made Mia a cardboard jewellery tree to hang her bracelets on. It has been wrapped up already, so I am looking forward to seeing what it is like on Christmas Day. If it is anything like the cardboard garage she has made Ari for his Roley steamroller, it will be awesome.

Ari approaches his ‘craft’ time with gusto, so is only allowed to decorate the wrapping at this stage  🙂


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