Half strength

After one and a half years of procrastinating, the lounge has been painted! We had our open fire place remodelled, replacing the ugly green triangular open fireplace with an enclosed door fireplace. Shelving was built, the fake mantle removed, and the bricks knocked out to widen the fireplace opening to accommodate the new fire. The rustic brick hearth was covered up in marble, and the picture rails removed from the walls. Since last weekend was a rainy one, I nagged Jamie relentlessly convinced Jamie to paint the lounge room.

He is not so keen on heights, and the walls/ceiling are high in this room. There will be no pics of the ceiling, which didn’t get painted. The ugly cottage green faux wood panelling took more than a few coats of paint.¬†The colour I chose on a whim in the queue at Bunnings was Antique White USA in half-strength. I bought 4 litres on the way back from a kids birthday party, we slapped it on the walls and hoped for the best. Love, love, love it.

Now it is time to fill the shelves and put the furniture back. Once our church pew seating went in, I shouted “Stop. That’s it!”. Love the wooden pew against the white wood panelling, with the ticking stripe cushions.

I must get around to moving the boxes of books back though, as I keep stubbing my toe on them in the dark.


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