Due :: Tuesday

I got to thinking about things being due and overdue this morning. Real deadlines and self-imposed deadlines, appointments and things that have been weeks in the making finally coming together. It seems this week is a jumble of tasks, all of which I have a little to share about. So for the rest of the week I am going to talk about what is ‘due’ in my day.

This mornings happy errand was to pick up some books I ordered from Amazon. The card wasn’t found in our letterbox until late in the day on Monday, and then yesterday was a public holiday. So bright and early this morning I picked up these lovelies.

The girls and I are entering some items into the local agricultural show this year. Such fun. We entered a few years ago and all had success, so we are back in this year. Ella is entering a chocolate cake decorated in this year’s show theme of “Flowers, Sport and Recreation”. Naturally, the sport will be horse orientated.

Mia is entering a plate of biscuits, the flavour of which are yet to be decided. I’m thinking about the biscuits that you roll the dough into a sausage shape, chill them and then slice off the rounds and bake. They are both entering these in the Junior Primary age section. Mia did want to enter her homemade bread, until I told her bread has to be entered in the Open section with adults. I dared Jamie to put his money where his mouth is and enter his Bread-machine wholemeal loaf, but he declined.

I am entering a little quilt and a doll. It is fabulous fun to see the exhibits and get into the spirit of a local show. More to come at the end of the month on that.

So, due today are our entries. I’m off to pop them in the post. Feel free to play along.


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