Been patchin’

About time I showed some actual sewing action around these parts. First up, a scarf I stitched at the Daylesford Stitching Day. There were some stitching designs provided, but I forged ahead with some sashiko instead. Thankfully there was a little shop there with some sashiko thread on the day. I bought a pack of fabrics, and finally pieced the scarf together once I returned home.

Next up is a quilt I have been working on for a gift. It is made from Anna Maria Horner fabrics, the Good Folks line. Love these fabrics. So much so, that I bought twice as much as was needed and made a quilt top for myself. Ahem.

I couldn’t bear to cut this beautiful fabric up too much, so went for large simple rectangles. Since the quilt above is for a gift, I had to be careful not to overcomplicate the pattern.

The pic below is my quilt top, which requires some attention in the form of some quilting and binding. It is a post and rail design.

I am looking forward to having this on my bed this summer.


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