BYO germ mask

Welcome to the land of perpetual unwellness (one of the lesser known lands at the top of The Faraway Tree). BYO germ mask and antibiotics. We now, as of yesterday (Day 10 of illness), have every single member of our family on antibiotics.

I had to make a list of who has what and when and if it is before, with or after food. O.V.E.R  I.T.  We are spending a lot of time indoors, which is just as well with all the rain and gale force wind lately.

The boy turns 2 on Saturday, and I am more organised than I thought I was. Presents: check! Cake planned: check! Ingredients bought: check! Now if I can just get the pesky siblings to school I could wrap the presents. They are more than happy lounging in PJ’s all day and watching DVD’s. Hmmm, perhaps some foul tasting vitamin tonic from the health food store will scare them off.


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