Saturday morning: 8am

Saturday mornings are finding a nice little routine. They are solely my own between breakfast and lunch, and I use this time to run errands, and visit garage sales and op shops and libraries. Woe betide my husband if he asks me to call in to Repco for a car headlight bulb on my Saturday morning.

I picked up this little lot of lovelies on Saturday morning. Ricrac I can never resist, a nut loaf tin (I love old fashioned nut loaf), some metal pastry tins, and an eyelet punch and leather punch. The leather punch has already been put to use that afternoon punching holes into halters for Houdini.

There was also this little blue vintage case of Barbie clothes. I mostly wanted the case for me, and for $2 it was a bargain. What a find when I brought it home. Most of the clothes have been handsewn with love, and are very 70’s in style. They kept the girls amused all weekend. And for $2 I’m happy with that.


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