Pony owner

Willow, our free lease pony had to be returned about six weeks ago. It was total heart break for two small girls when Willow’s owners wanted her back, and a tough lesson for Ella in particular to learn. It took some time for us to work it through with them. Since then we have been on the look out for a pony of our own.

It is serious business this horse stuff. There seems to be a shortage of ponies around at the moment. By shortage, I mean they get listed for sale in the morning, and when I call all day and finally get the owner in the evening, they have already been sold and in some cases, collected. That quick.

So, I had to move fast when I saw a pony that might suit us. The listing turned up on a Monday, I called them 1 hour later, Ella trialled the pony on the Wednesday after school, and we bought it and had it delivered on the Friday. Phew.

Houdini has arrived to live with us. We have parted with a large sum of cash at Horseland. We are pony owners! The first lesson was today. Houdini was well behaved and handsome in his half new/half second hand gear. Mia is not sure yet, but Ella is beaming!


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