Working through the WIP’s

It feels good to get some projects I’ve been working on finished. There have been plenty of interruptions along the way with Mia turning 6 during this week.

Take today for example. During Ari’s sleep I had hoped to catch up on some sewing, instead Ella requested help to stitch a monster from felt and Mia asked me to make her a belt after her deisgn failed. I made her a belt with an old buckle, and a length of fabric. I preferred her design with a length of old stretch fabric that I trimmed from a too-long baby sling and a cardboard belt buckle.

Last Sunday I completed an epic marmalade making session. Mental note: 5 lbs. of oranges makes a lot of marmalade. 20 jars to be precise.

I made Mia a ‘party dress’ using the Ruffle Trim dress pattern in Carefree Clothes for Girls. Since I was using a corduroy, I decided not to line the dress. The ruffle sleeve was easy to add, and I decided to do a small hem on the bottom before adding the lace trim. I also used a button and loop closure.


After procrastinating for one month, I blocked and seamed Ari’s vest, made from the pattern ‘Colin’s Vest’ on Ravelry. I settled on some Jo Sharp Classic DK yarn for this vest, in the colour Glade. I found it a great vest to knit up, nice and easy for my first knitted garment.


I have been borrowing some great knitted toy books from the library in the past few months. I wish I could remember the book this dinosaur is from.

The “Martha Goes Green” cookbook has been put to good use. So far I have made (devoured!) the broccoli soup, the rice papers wraps and Louie’s rice salad.

The rice salad did not go down well with the kidlets, however the broccoli soup did (go figure!).  The rice paper wraps were Mia’s birthday dinner request. “Martha Goes Green’ have some free recipes on their site if you are interested?


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