Monday brunch

While eating breakfast this morning, I was reading Mixtape’s Kids Issue (Kids Issue #2 – 2010). When I arrived at the recipe for Vanilla Orange Cordial by Bianca, I had to make it right away.

This is why having a well stocked pantry is very important to me as a ‘homemaker’. I know that I can bake/create pretty much what I like when I like, and be confident I have most/all of the ingredients to hand. I’m fickle like that. Just because it is 8am on a Public Holiday Monday is no excuse not to make a batch of cordial!

(and it is outrageously good).

A new batch of homemade muesli was needed to restock the pantry. The cordial and fresh muesli made a fabulous Monday brunch. (I do not want to talk about my sans kids visit to the local antique shop where I just missed out on the perfect little book shelf I have been searching for to create a book nook for the kidlets. And yes, I’m still bitter).


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