Good Folks Frenzy

It was only fitting that my sewing weekend away with a good friend included some of Anna Maria Horner‘s Good Folks range of fabrics. This stash is being made into a quilt for another ‘Good Folk’ I know. I managed to get the quilt top done, and am currently in bribery negotiations with Mum to quilt it for me. When I mentioned it to her, she said “And I suppose I’m quilting it down am I?’ I told her I was happy to do the binding. “That’s big of you” was her reply. Thanks Mum!

My weekend was full of op shopping, champagne, good company and child-free sewing endeavours. Bliss.

It was a thud back to reality as I am fighting off a pending sinus infection this week, Ari has tonsilitis, and I am catering for an excited 8-year-old-to-be’s pyjama party on Friday night. I am hoping to get some time in front of the wood fire reading “The Wonderful Weekend Book’. At the moment all the wood fire toasty-warm action is well and truly being hogged by ‘the slug’.


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