Dairy goodness

Over the past two months, my days have revolved around dairy products. Oh, and children. I have now completed my 3 weeks of a cheese making course at the local uni. Love, love, love making cheese. It is a time consuming process, which is often very precise and involves much waiting. And temperatre control monitoring.

This is one of the three camemberts I made. It is just ripening around the edges, and it took about 6 weeks to get to this stage.  It is delicious though, and well worth the wait.

Above is the marscapone I made during the week. It is super easy. I made it from this  book: The Real Food Companion by Matthew Evans, which I borrowed from the library and am seriously considering purchasing. I am hoping to make some labna next from this book.

The supplies for cheese making I purchased from Cheeselinks, however there are many simple dairy goodies that can be made at home without special equipment. I have found the book “The Home Creamery” to be a good read also. Cheeselinks has classes, and they are a very helpful bunch. At the course I attended  I also made ricotta, haloumi, blue vein, parmesan and romano. My Romano has been made, drained, turned in the hoops, salted in brine, covered in wax, and now has to rest for 8 months.

I really enjoy making my own produce. I love not having to purchase food from the supermarket, especially when homemade or homegrown tastes so much better. It all takes time, but I guess it all depends on how you look at your family and your time. The place I like to spend some of my time is in my kitchen or vegie garden or cellar. Followed by a long walk 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dairy goodness

  1. This is so inspiring. Wow, I would love to making my own cheese. When I have more time I want to study what you are doing more. Good locally made cheese is so expensive were we live and it would be so wonderful to be able to do that for my self.

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