Slice on Sunday

Last weekend’s baking effort was a hasty slice made at 7:30am along with some cheese scones. Jamie and I went out for the morning to some clearing sales to serch for farm gates, sprinkler systems and so forth. As Jamie made poached eggs for everyone, I made this quick slice found on the side of the Sunbeam sultana packet, Dark Chocolate Slice. Sadly there was not time for icing, but it was still good without it.

Yesterday I made another Mulberry Flan. I wasn’t planning too, but when I was getting bread rolls out of the freezer I accidently left the last frozen flan case on the bench. So, we enjoyed a midweek treat for dessert last night.

My parents visited at the end of last week. I like it when Mum visits, as she always pops a cake, slice or some treat into the freezer to be found at a later date (thanks Mum). Mum and I went to see Harry Connick Jr. and his band in concert on Friday night. I don’t go much for his crooning, but his big band music and ragtime piano playing, oh yes. We got some great seats at a new venue, The Plenary. Interestingly, the stage is carpeted. Hmmm.

We are down to the last few handfuls of cherry tomatoes in the garden, with the larger tomatoes still going strong even though we are into Autumn now. I preserved another 3 Fowlers jars of tomatoes last night. These will be gladly retrieved from the cellar in the winter for warming casseroles and stews. One and a half weeks until Easter and we don’t even have the Easter tree up yet. I have to find somewhere high up to keep the delicate eggs away from Ari. Wish me luck, the boy can climb!


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