Starting a Tradition

We have started a tradition. I am the sole force driving the tradition at this stage, with my family the willing participants. It has potential to be great. We love it already.

We are making a cake or dessert every weekend. And scheduling in morning and afternoon tea together every day of those weekends. I often tear out recipes for cakes, slices or desserts. I store them in a folder, and I get them out when I menu plan for the fortnight. They come out of the folder, I gaze at them, and back to the folder they go as I am usually looking for family meals and dinners, not celebration cakes.

Sticky Date Cake, Apple Custard Tea Cakes, Chocolate cupckaes with swirly frosting, Lamingtons, Vanilla slice, Upside down plum cake, Macroons, White Chocolate and Raspberry Slice…………….really, I could go on and on.

Last weekend was Mulberry Flan. The mulberries were picked by my brother, stewed by my mother and hand delivered by my other brother. Mum sent the flan case as well, so all I had to do was make the filling and add it to the flan base. I love adore mulberry flan. It brings me right back to my childhood. Summery days spent mulberry picking at my great-aunt and uncles place. Mulberry fights. Berries warm from the sun dripping juice down my arm.

This weekend was Apple Custard Tea Cake. I shout out to all and sundry “Morning Tea”. The girls arrive from bike riding, craft making, or general play. Ari comes running from whatever mischief he is making, and Jamie leaves his outside chores to come inside. The cake is brought out, coffee is made, fancy tea plates are assembled, cake forks are gathered. The girls exclaim “wow” and “yes please” while Ari shouts “Num! Num!” and reaches for the platter.  

We sit, and chat, and eat. A pause in our day to share, and regroup for the busy-ness that is a weekend at home.

I see great potential in this tradition. The sharing of a snack, a meaningful pause in our day, a chance for learning and cooking together, and a reason to use up all those wonderful recipes for the everyday, and not just for special occassions.


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