2 down, 1 to go

I probably am a bad mother for this blog title. Mia has begun school! School went back yesterday for my 2 girls, and now it is just me and my boy during the school time hours. Well, technically at the moment, it is me, my boy, my hubby, and Mia in the afternoons and on Wednesdays.

No Spend February in in force at Chateau Minxy-moo, and we are doing well for Day 2. I have avoided buying a mattress protector, cut down on fruit and veg shopping by using produce from the vegie garden, and come up with a cunning plan to reduce the cost of school photos which are due this week. I have decided not to buy the class photo, as it is in the Yearbook anyhow. I have also decided on only the sibling portrait pack, and will take some individual portraits of the girls myself at home, thus saving school photos costs that are bordering on extortion.


There has been some sewing going down. Unable to find any suitable dresses for Ella at the stores, I struck upon the ingenious idea to actually use some of the patterns I have and the fabric I have purchased especially to make dresses. Ta da!  The loop button hole was something new, which required a quick tutorial seach. Sadly my practice loop was better than my loop on the dress, but I am still pleased with the outcome. The pattern is McCall’s 4029.

In the spirit of No Spend Month, I made up some new bibs for Ari from a repurposed cot mattress protector for the front part of the bib. After being used through babyhood for 5 children, the cot mattress protector finally gave in and ripped. I have been able to salvage most of it, where it is being made into waterproof bibs for Ari. He is modeling bib #1, which I tweaked a little. It is from Style Kids 2647 (picked up at the op shop), which is possibly the poxiest childs pattern ever invented. It has appliqued bibs, twee matching duck hats and booties.

Ari is much too manly for gathered sleeves, so I cut them down a bit, and made them into normal sleeves. He is animal crazy at the moment, so I added some horse fabric as a picture to the front of the bib. I made my own bias binding, which turned out great thanks to my bias tape makers and a hot iron. I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the bib before Ari wore it, but at least this photo is before the marmite sandwiches arrived.

Ari is also sporting a grown up haircut. I tried out the clippers on him, which he didn’t bat an eyelid at. Phew! I couldn’t face another hair dresser nightmare like last time. I did use No.4 clippers, which gave a Romper Stomper type look for a few weeks…..but look at him now! Too spunky. He usually has a haircut every 4 weeks, I am hoping to get 6-8 weeks from this haircut. He did have to wear a hats for the first few days. He kept touching his hair and crying when it was first cut. He would look at me anxiously and say “Wow?”. I gave him 2 thumbs up “Yes, Ari WOW! Your hair is wow – you love it!”. He wasn’t convinced.


2 thoughts on “2 down, 1 to go

  1. OMG! Mia looks so grown up now! And little Ari doesn’t look so baby like anymore – my how the time flies…. I hope to visit shortly, now I live not so far away:)

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