A New Year

A shiny new year has begun. Make a wish!

A lovely Christmas was spent with friends, and a quiet New Year was spent at home. We have swapped some rooms around, and hopefully this will help the household dynamics run a little smoother. We often change furniture or whole rooms around. As the needs of our family change, so do the spaces we live in.

The office has moved downstairs, the sewing room has moved into the office, and the playroom into the old sewing room. Incase anyone needs to know, instructions for removing large filing cabinet drawers can be found online. Unless your filing cabinet is very old, like ours.

tawny frogmouth visited us in our garden last week. We watched it for most of the afternoon from our kitchen window. I snuck a little too close with the camera, and it moved into camoflague mode to disguise itself as a branch of a tree.

We visited the neighbours plum tree groaning under the weight of all these tiny plums (note: I made the child hold the evidence). I am drying them into little prunes for use in muesli during the year.

 This sweet bundle of baby girl arrived at the end of last week. Baby Zoe. We drove down to visit and cuddle.

And of course, a visit to the beach! Ari hated the water, but loved the sand. Ella was most indignant that a wave dumped her. Mia had sand in places you just don’t need sand.

Happy New Year!


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