Home is where we’re at

We spent a lovely weekend with my family down in Warrnambool celebrating an early “Christmas Day”. This year the adults did a Kris Kringle gift swap, which worked brilliantly. I loved not having to seacrh for a gift for everyone, and felt it was much less stressful. Fingers crossed that the rest of family agree and it will be an ongoing thing.

We came back a day early, as all the kids seemed to be getting ill. This was confirmed by a doctors visit this morning, where we came out with antibiotics for everyone. Mia has a cough, and Ella and Ari have tonsilitis. We have cancelled all playdates for this week, and will be taking it easy for the week by staying home as much as possible.

Ari is leaving trails of destruction all over the house.

Sometimes I play “Everyone pick up 20 things that aren’t where they belong” and sometimes I shovel a space on the couch and give up. Could be a long week.


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