Oh, Christmas Tree

The tree is up! I think we have done well to get it up by the 6th of December. We have a fake tree this year. We usually like a real tree, but I struggle with the growing of a tree to be cut down and end up on the curbside come January 1st. For the last 4 years, we had a tree in a large pot which we nurtured and loved. It didn’t make it through the hot temperatures and dry winds we got in February.  

So….this year we have a “rescued” tree, pre-loved you might say. In a stroke of irony, I rescued it from the curbside where someone was throwing it out. I brought in home in the back of the car, and we checked it out when the kids went to bed. It looks alright, it suits our needs, and it isn’t going to end up in landfill. Ari is extremely active and being very, shall I say, hands on with Christmas this year. This is the tree for us, right now, in 2009.

The cooking class – fabulous! The chef used mostly in season, local produce and we made some dishes I will definitely make again such as prawns with a mango salsa, pork roast stuffed with fig and apricot stuffing, and an amazing pea puree that is like summer in a bowl. The cherry clafouti we made for dessert was too easy and so delicious. I drove straight home from the class and bought some cherries so I could make it for dessert tonight.


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