Lovely Day

I just want to add a quick post to remind myself that today has been a great day. I want to remember this in the tough moments that will come from 5-7pm this evening as tiredness and hunger creep in.  

I got out for a walk around the local lake, with Ari in the buggy and Ella riding her bike.

I ate 2 chocolate fudge cookies leftover from the baking frenzy on Wednesday for the Kinder and school teachers. And a piece of hazelnut biscotti.

I managed to go op shopping with 3 children. There was not one tantrum, even though I said ‘No’ to many, many requests for items.

I had no bread for lunch, so I made some crustless quiches in the pie maker. I like that I can whip up something decent at a moment’s notice using a hodge podge of items from the fridge and pantry. It’s a knack I’ve perfected out of my intense dislike of leaving the house to purchase anything with 3 children in tow.

Ella received her School Report in the post. It is outstanding. We are very proud of her.

I bought 5 kg of chat potatoes for $1.29 and split them with a friend. Dinner plan saved.

I am going out all day tomorrow here, with a good friend for a cooking class. It is a birthday present to herself for her 40th birthday last year. We were both too pregnant in 2008 to celebrate properly.  

I hope your Friday is great!


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