Summer haircut

This week we are sweltering through Victoria’s hottest November week in 100 years. Ari was getting hot and bothered, so a summer haircut was in order. He was NOT happy. He screamed through the entire haircut.

I have trimmed his hair up until now, with him looking like cross between the Beatles and Friar Tuck. He has had 10 haircuts now. The boy can grow hair.

I cut the girls hair, and Jamie’s hair at home. I wasn’t sure about babies and the loud buzz of the hair clippers, so I took him to the hairdressers. Even sultanas could not stop the screaming. You know things are bad when he doens’t want sultanas.

So, possibly scarred for life at the hairdressers, but feeling happier and cooler. And looking so much older than 14 months.


There has been more rhubarb jam making. A double batch made up 9 jars and used up the rest of the rhubarb. Some of the jars are destined for Christmas gifts, and some for the pantry. I am making some progress on the Christmas gifts, and am almost done.

I hate to shop in December. The shops are hideous, parking is impossible, and the stores are full of things we (nor anyone) needs. I am going mostly homemade or homebaked. I did order these sweet birds by Kylie Johnson of Paper Boat Press. I meant to buy them last year, but they sold out before I could get myself organised. This year I have them tucked away for Mum and myself.

We are “family free” this year, with family doing other things on Christmas Day. This has never happened before, and I am imagining all kinds of fanciful activites our little family of 5 could partake in on Christmas Day. Mostly we will keep it simple and stay at home I think. There will be some seafood, there will be bubbles, and hopefully some swimming in the neighbours pool. Hmmm, best I put my book order in for summer reading.



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