Weekend garden


What a busy, but productive weekend! Hubby hired a mulcher and a rotary hoe. We saved ourselves some back breaking work, and mulched up the limbs and branches that had blown off in the gale force winds we had over the autumn and winter.


Jamie dug up the garden beds with a rotary hoe, to prepare them for planting. Ari got into the snow pea patch.

ari pea

Willow was employed as the lawn mower and chook minder.


We picked most of our crop of leeks. We have been using them up for the last 3 months instead of onions in cooking, but there were still many more to be picked. We picked a bucketload and cut them up for the freezer. We let a few of last years leeks go to seed, and they all popped up this year without us having to plant any seeds/seedlings. I set up a production line where I chopped the long green leaves off directly into the compost heap, and dropped the lovely white leeks into a bucket. 



It wasn’t all hard work though. I picked up a copy of Meet Me at Mike’s from the library, which has many gorgeous things to make. The neighbours called in unexpectedly on Saturday night bringing a bottle of champagne with them. Love those kind of neighbours! I hope you had a great weekend too.


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