Skirt Bag


I picked up this skirt for $1 at my local op shop. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was destined to be a bag. It was late at night when I began looking for a pattern, so I abandoned that idea and decided to go with the “wing-it” approach. Not always a good idea late at night with repurposed stretchy fabric cut on the bias. This was the outcome.

bag 2

By the time I added some pockets to the lining, I had used up every scrap of the skirt fabric except for the zipper, which I unpicked to be used in another project.  I kept the original waist band and worked around it, as I was too lazy to unpick it. I am happy with my new bag and it’s sunny yellow fabric.


I am slowly making progress on this bag from Purl Bee. I love String Market Bags, and have several already. But one I can knit myself? Too tempting. I am knitting it in some recycled cotton yarn that I love to work with.

I mostly knit either at the girls swimming lessons, or in the car line while I wait to pick up Ella from school. Some Mums chat, some Mums talk on their mobile phones, some Mums stare in to space. I knit. I take my precious crafting minutes any how I can get them!


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