Spring has sprung! There have been lovely warm days when we all migrate outside to the garden, and rainy days as well. I am thankful for these days as I don’t have to water any plants and the tanks are filling up for a long hot summer.






Apple tree buds.

I enjoyed 3 days of bliss last weekend, when I travelled down to Narrawong for some R&R at a quilt camp. I met up with Mum in Warrnambool, where we did some whale watching and op shopping before driving to Narrawong. There were 7 adult whales out basking in the sun, rolling, and showing their flippers. There were at least 3 with their babies. Amazing.



I put this quilt top together at camp. It is called Bento Box, and uses Japanese fabrics. I bought it as a pack, and cut out the fabric pieces when Ari was 3 weeks old. The top is now together, and I am hoping to get it quilted before next years camp. Maybe.

quilt top The girls are now on holiday from Kinder and school. We are all loving spending lazy days at home, with some plans for baking, craft, playdates, a birthday party, a concert and a puppet workshop during the rest of this week. 

Ella has written a list of what she would like to do these holidays. Some of the items on her To-Do-List include:

– pick flowers

– write heaps of stories

– eat colourful lollies.

Oh, to be 7 years of age and on school holidays.


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