ari one

Ari had a lovely birthday. Jamie ended up taking the day off, so we spent a lovely morning at home with him while his big sisters were at school and kinder. Just enjoying him, and watching him play with his new blocks, books and wooden horse float.

He is walking everywhere now!

ari walk 2


ari walk 3

ari walk 1

He adores his book. His favourite page is the page with our cat on it. God help anyone who even THINKS about turing the book to any of the other pages. It is met with much fussing, and frantic flicking back to the page with our cat on it. Perhaps I should have made a book just about the cat….

We had a party with friends and family on the weekend, to celebrate Ari’s first year. His big sisters were so excited for him to be having his first birthday party.  After all the craziness of last week, I am utterly looking forward to this weekend, when I am going away on a quilt camp with Mum.

I went two years ago, but missed last year as Ari was a newborn. Can’t wait. Meals cooked for me, and nothing but sewing, stiching and knitting ALL DAY LONG. Woo hoo! I am hoping to sew the top for a quilt I cut out the fabric for when Ari was 3 weeks old. And maybe make a start on some special Christmas dolls for some special girls. I am counting down the hours. I have been managing some sewing though. I made a Melly and Me Pussycat bag for a little girls birthday, but forgot to take a photo.


This is a bookmark I stitched up from one of Mia’s drawings of a koala, her favourite animal. She gave it to Jamie for Father’s Day. The pattern/idea is from Handmade Home, by Amanda Blake Soule.  I secretly wanted it for myself, so I will have to make time to stitch one on the weekend.


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