Sneak preview before the big day

Sorry for the long absence, I have been crazy busy sewing up a storm lately. A special day is coming up tomorrow, with our baby boy turning one! I have been trying to make the days drag slower and soak up every moment of him still being “zero” (as the girls like to say). It didn’t work. He grew up. He started walking on Father’s Day, 5 days before his birthday.

ari peg

I’m feeling a little sad about him being one already. That first year, wow. The first 6 months I thought would never pass as some days seemed soooo long, yet the past 6 months have flown by. He says a few words now, has the odd tantrum, makes his sisters laugh, and gives absolutely the best snuggles.

So, it seemed that this birthday called for something extra special. A little keepsake of his first year.




A cloth book of his first year, sewn with love by his Mum. Pictures of his family, his likes, and his pets. A little something to treasure in the years to come. Happy first year sweet baby boy.


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