Childhood memories


We travelled to South Australia on the weekend, to the town of my childhood, to pick  up some second hand fence posts for Hubby’s new fencing project. I always love going back to places I spent time as a child, and I go back not nearly enough (due to the 6 hour drive!).


It was a hurried visit to show the kids my old house and farm. The house is now a vineyard office and the lush green paddocks of my youth are now row upon row of vineyards. I don’t like it. I liked the green paddocks better, the ones where I used to ride the motorbike, collect bits of nature and get chased by a bull.


I visited my uncle’s house, which was once the home of my beloved Great-Aunt and Uncle. I really loved that place. The photos on this post are of their house. They lived across the paddock from us, and spoiled us madly. They had no children of their own, and their house was a treasure trove of antiques, old books,  and a pantry full of treats. My uncle lives there now, a bachelor and vineyard owner. Many of the places I played have been removed, places I was hoping to show my kids, such as the fig trees, huge mulberry tree and mini forest. The lush lawns and immaculate gardens have been mulched.


The mulberry tree we climbed and played in for hours has been chopped back to 1/4 of its size. The best bits are still there though. I loved this tree as a child. Every year the Easter Bunny would leave eggs for us in this smooth little nook, which I believe was once a slide for fairies. The girls declared it the best climbing tree ever.


We visited my Godfather, and spent an hour chatting. The girls enjoyed some serious puddle and mud action before the long drive back home.


We did some whale watching on Sunday morning in Warrnambool and spied two mothers and their babies. A great trip, but too short. I didn’t even get time for Saturday morning op shopping with my Mum! A new cousin is due in January, so we will be visitng the coast often in 2010.



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