3 minutes at a time

I’ve been crafting! Without some crafting time, I can go slightly crazy (and shouty, and ranting about no time for myself- if you were to ask for the kids take on things).  I have worked out that wishing for craft time doesn’t work.

1) It never arrives.

2) Someone always needs something urgently. Yes, it’s always urgent.

3) Ari will wake up the moment you get out any craft supplies.

I found that even with 3 minutes a day I can get somewhere. Sometimes Ari will play with the bucket of pegs for longer than expected and I will get 8 rows of knitting done rather than 1 row. A beanie takes a long time to knit 1 row at a time.









A few months back I stitched some badly needed wall art. The bare walls in the hallway needed some colour. These stitcheries are from the Melly and Me bag pattern Flower Garden. The bag is not my thing, but the stitcheries I love.


This little pram blanket was made for baby Sophie all the way over in Ireland. The pattern is from Sewing Green by Betz White. I made it up from some cosy flannel with polar fleece for the backing. The pattern calls for Organic Sherpa Fleece, which I did not have to hand! 

ella dress

I made Ella a new winter dress,

ari beanie

and a new beanie for Ari, to match his eyes. I may have even more time on my hands now that Master Chef has finished.


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