Holidays at home

ella tobogganSchool holidays have ended for Mia, with Ella still with another week off.  We mooched around home mostly. There was a movie night, a jazz and tap class, a bike park playdate, yum cha, a day trip to the snow, another play date and lots of staying at home.


Ari has settled down, and I am singing the praises of the Amber necklace. I prefer natural remedies for my kiddies. We use homeopathy for most ailments in our family, and I am so happy to have found great results with the teething necklace. We have also deduced that Ari wakes most during the night when it is a full moon. Hmmm.


We took a day trip to Lake Mountain this week, which was but one of the many communities devestated by the recent bushfires. We drove through most of the fire area on the way to the Mountain, and the starkness in the forest is shocking. The trees are blackened, and there is little forest floor undergrowth struggling to grow back. 


The forest is growing back, with nature prevailing, any which way it can.


We had a fabulous time toboganning, with the girls being a little older each time we visit and able to manage on their own in the snow a little more. The anticipation reached fever pitch as we got closer to our destination on the windy roads, and Ari wondered what all the fuss was about. We are already looking forward to next year when Ari will be a little more mobile, though he seemed to love his first experince of snow. 



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