Stringing words together (also entitled what day is today?)


I am tired. Dog tired. Exhausted in fact. Ari is teething. If anyone has some natural teething remedies to suggest I would be happy to hear them. Ari is not coping at all. I blame the male gene and it’s associated lack of pain threshold. We are trying Brauer Homeopathy teething relief (with little effect). I am looking at buying an Amber teething necklace. Does anyone have any experience with those? I hear varied reports.

ella 7

Ella turned 7 last Monday. This is how I know what the date is everyday this week. I count back to her birth date on a Monday, add 7 days to get me the date for this Monday and then add up to today which I know is Wednesday. That is how tired I am. I tried to explain to a friend on the phone last night how I have trouble stringing sentences together, and I even had trouble finding the words to explain to her that I have trouble stringing sentences together. I haven’t found the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the pantry yet, so I am hanging in there.

Anyhow….Ella is 7! Wow. She is a story writing machine these days! She read her story out at assembly on Monday entitled “The Weird Caterpillar”. It was about a cocoon that appeared in her garden, and hatched out an alien. She writes amazing prize winning plots. A recent story included the word paleaontologist, as all good stories should. 

knitted 1

I discovered this awesome knitting book in Spotlight last week. Here is creature #1. The girls (and their friends!) have put in requests for many more.  I have just finished up a cosy pram blanket for a new baby girl in Ireland, so I will show you that once it has arrived safely.

knitted 2

It has been cold in our part of the world, even cold enough for some snow on the yonder hills. These are the  same hills that were ablaze in the fires 4 months ago, which is why we can see the snow so well without a cover of leafy trees.



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