Divine advice


Goodness, time flies! We are well into the wintery months now. We have one wood fire going, and are in the throes of getting another open fireplace replaced by an enclosed wood fire (with a door). I’m not all that vigilant with wood fires. I tend to forget to look at the fire  for a few hours, then have to revive a tiny ember glow from beneath a blackened wooden log. I usually attempt this in the frantic moments before hubby gets home, as he always leaves the house in the morning with the remark “TRY and keep the fire going”.

I took a quick trip down to my bachelor brothers new rented house 2 weeks ago. Hmm, let’s see. Bachelor, house not lived in for 3 months, and house needs lots of work. The kitchen was blue. The lounge a plum colour. The bedroom I stayed in was both blue and green on alternate walls. The other spare room a strange kind of Aussie Gold. There was no grout in the bathroom tiles either.  Anyhoo….my brother was soon regretting allowing me to stay. I am the unpacking Nazi. “What’s this box? Do you want this? What’s this? Do you use it? Op shop or shed?”. I managed to paint his kitchen for him, which is now Antique White USA and not blue.

Ari has been busy. He now gives out kisses (which grosses his sisters out – open mouth, spit flying). He also learned to wave last night. Picture my parents visiting, all of us at the dinner table, where everyone is waving to Ari and each time he duly waves back. I am sure he must have RSI today.

I have been baking bread, making some lemon cheese, making yoghurt, making butter, baking in general, and getting a little sewing done.  I recently bought Lotta Jansdotters “Simple Sewing for Baby”. I love almost every project in this book. I have made the Simple Pants for Ari and a giraffe rattle. It has easy patterns and instructions, scope for your own personal style, and I thoroughly recommend it.


I visited the Mind Body Spirit Festival on Saturday, mostly to get a reading done. It has been 2 years since I last saw a clairvoyant, and I am badly needing some direction on a few ideas that swim around in my sleep deprived head. I think I got what I was after. Roll on 2010!

This morning at 6am there was a cow in our yard. And two in the yard next door. Mooing and bellowing. Just letting you know.


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