Shiny new things

It was my birthday yesterday. The first half was spent rushing out the door to school/Kindy, followed by being knee deep in watery clay goop.  Our neighbour helped me pump water out of the dam so the excavation guy could scoop out said goop. My gumboots were firmly stuck in the mud, and for a few frantic moments I thought I might not get out. The hose pumping the water out was spraying everywhere, just like in a cartoon. I regretted washing my hair hours earlier. And wearing my black pants tucked into my gumboots. Yep. Happy birthday.  


The afternoon and evening improved greatly.  I had bought a gorgeous Nikki McClure poster, which Jamie had framed for me. I received some books I had been wanting for a while. I can’t wait to make something from the Sewing Green book by Betz White. I love her ideas for repurposing old items, most of which she sources from op shops. Like I needed another excuse to go op shopping.  Ella proudly made me a bookmark. I got spoilt with the unexpected gift of a massage and facial voucher for a local health spa. 


The tea party with a few friends on Sunday was fabulous. Lots of chatting, drinking bubbles, and eating decadent cakes. Yum. Curry with friends in the evening made it a perfect Sunday for catching up with friends. Jamie cooked profiteroles from scratch for my birthday dessert last night. I was most impressed. The chocolate sauce was awesome, although not the best right before bedtime for the kidlets!


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