Can you see it?

Our baby boy is commando crawling now – eek! Polly Pockets and Clickits are being removed from their hiding spots in our fluffy carpet, as I send the girls on ‘treasure hunts’ to secure the area for Ari. His days in this hat are limited, but I keep squeezing it on. He’s  wearing it with his knitted vest from Nanna. Nanna’s are good like that.


I’m hosting a tiny tea party for 4 friends today in celebration of my upcoming 35th birthday. Champagne, and cake served on Wedgwood. Aah, a perfect sunny afternoon. Might have to shovel all the kids art creations in progress out of the sunroom and sit in there. It looks like the weather is going to oblige today.  

This fantastic rainbow emerged over the valley during the week. I was searching hard. It was definitely the end of the rainbow, but I couldn’t find that elusive pot of gold. I see the horse. Maybe it is worth a pot of gold?



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