Beach holiday


We spent the Easter break at the beach. There was fishing, shell collecting, puzzles, knitting, paddling in the waves, walking, reading, visiting a fete and eating. dsc_1374

Of course, the Easter bunny visited us. Ella waited very patiently from 6:30am until we woke Mia at 7:20am. I sewed some Easter bags for the kids to collect their eggs in, from a Rosalie Quinlan pattern. I only just managed to sew them in time for Easter, stitching like crazy at every possible moment. A bag can be made and stitched in 24 hours, when combined with home duties. Not recommended, but you know, if you want to impose these kinds of deadlines on yourself.


It was nice to be away from home in the sea air.  Since we have returned Ari has burst his eardrum. That took a full sleepless night of screaming. He had an throat infection before we left on holidays, which antibiotics didn’t fix. We now have a new bright pink, heavily coloured, syrup scented antibiotic. I am gagging in sympathy with him twice a day as I pinch his nose so he swallows it (a neat trick I learned when I worked in childcare all those years ago!).

School holidays seem to have disappeared already, so we are staying close to home for the remaining days. Today I plan to make some homemade lemonade, and make a short trip to the apple farm. I wish there was another week to go.


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