Happy 1/2 year


6 months old today! That is his 4th dodgy fringe cut by his Mummy. Couldn’t you just kiss those cheeks!

I did some Wardrobe Refashioning of my own today. Though it wasn’t from the wardrobe, it was from the op shop for 50c. As soon as I saw it I knew what it would end up as.

From a size 6 girls skirt:


to size 0 pants for my boy:


I followed the instructions from Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule, where she makes pants for her kids out of old adult t-shirts. Too easy. I would love to have the time and enthusiasm to sew more clothes for my kids, but we do so well with op shop finds and hand me downs that it hardly seems worth the effort. I like the idea of keeping items out of landfill and repurposing them.

I find I have come to loathe shopping for my kids or myself, especially for clothes. Clothes for 6 yr olds (and even 4 yr olds!) seem to be fashioned on clothes for 18 yr olds. And slogan tees on kids? No thanks.

I sometimes despair that my kids are dressed in a mish-mash of things that don’t seem to match. I try to embrace the individuality of what they choose. My kids dress for the moment of play they are in, and for comfort. How else can I explain a bikini top, teamed with shorts and a tiara? Or gumboots and a nightie? Yay them I say. Get away with it while you can.


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