Hooray! Autumn is absolutely my favourite month. The sun is shining, but not burning. The leaves are changing, and summer is disappearing. I am more than happy to see the end of summer this year. No rain has meant our plants are suffering and dying, and the vegie garden is very sad compared to the glut of last summer’s produce.

I am relieved the bushfire crisis appears to be over, and the large fire nearby that had us on standby for weeks has finally been announced as contained. Not out, but contained. The weather didn’t bow out before having us evacuate to my mother-in-laws with the kids (for no reason at all), to then return home the next day to 120km winds and a dust storm which meant we couldn’t see the hills surrounding us.

In the last few weeks the hills have been smoky, ablaze, smoky, and then obscured by dust and ash. Mother nature had one more treat for us in the form of a little earthquake which we felt last week. Did I mention that I am happy Autumn is here?


Saturday morning the hills were obscured instead by balloons, as we did a little balloon watching from our front yard.  Sunday we spent the day at the beach in Mornington. We packed a picnic, and I avoided the craft markets at the Mornington Racecourse in the spirit of No Spend Month. I even beat down the family’s demands for fish and chips, and made a quiche for dinner.





We really had a lovely day. The beach was so relaxing for everyone. The perfect pick-us-up.


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