Safe and sound

Hello! Sorry for the long time between posts. There have been some terrible fires very close to us in the Yarra Valley. Saturday was the worst day for us, with the fires in Yarra Glen coming within a few kilmoetres. The wind was horrible. A howling gale and 45 degrees celsuis was not pleasant as blackened leaves and pieces of bark from the Kinglake fires dropped onto our driveway. The wind change in the afternoon turned the fires away from us, towards the north. Sadness for many people, but releif for us. 

The next 3 nights were spent with the hills 10-20 mins away from us visibly alight during the night. We didn’t sleep much that first night, getting up hourly to keep watch for embers. We packed our cars with some treasured belongings just in case we had to leave quickly. With 3 small children, we were not going to be hanging around if anything did happen. The worst of the fires have been 1/2 hour away from us. Very scary. The wind is due to change for the worse later in the week, the valley is filled with smoke, and we can see smoke from fires up on the hills still, so we are remaining alert and staying close to home.


This fire was in Wandin, just over the hill on one side of our place. I took this photo from our garage. Thankfully no one was hurt in this fire, and it was all over with fairly quickly. There are fire engines to be seen and sirens to be heard most days. We are safe and sound and will keep you posted.

**Donations for fire victims can be made to Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal . Updates can be found on The Age newspaper.


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