A 6 yr old realises her dream


We have a pony! Not just any pony – a free pony!!! As far as I am concerned, ponies don’t get any better than free. We are not a horsey family, and have no experience of ponies. Ella and Mia are horse crazy, and I thought it might have worn off by now but I was wrong.


The girl next door (she is 19-is that a girl or a woman?) teaches Ella to ride. She has a friend who has outgrown her pony. Willow has moved in. She eats our grass, Ella rides her, she comes with food, saddle, and all gear. We got very lucky! She is the perfect size for Ella and soooo well behaved. The owners just want someone to dote on her. Willow is defintely at the right place!


2009 is going swimmingly! The girls are settling in to Grade 1 and 4 yr old Kinder. I am taking some time out for myself. I wander about aimlessly at the moment, but surely some inspiration will strike soon!

I am continuing the theme of 2009 by saying NO. I cancelled Mia’s enrolment in Gymnastics. I feel really mean, because I promised she could go. But Ari needs a big morning sleep and my day runs smoothly when he gets his morning sleep. I imagined myself in the tiny room off the side of the gymnasium, trying to rock an overtired and very heavy baby in my arms, in a cramped space with other parents, nodding approvingly at Mia through the viewing window…..and decided NO. Now to get over the Mummy guilt. Mia is already over it. I gave in and set up the desk in her room (see last post) to ease my guilt. She loves it!

I am also feeling like I should be keeping her close with me, now she is at Kinder 12 hours a week and school next year. It’s our last year together at home, I want to enjoy it. She is roaring towards 5 and I am desperately trying to pull back the reins!


2 thoughts on “A 6 yr old realises her dream

  1. Hey – welcome to the wonderful world of horses!! Thats great you have a free pony – is she on lease or just borrow?? Im sure you have ample support next door – but feel free to randomly ask me any horsey related questions, I’d be happy to help out! Happy riding Ella:)

  2. That horse love – it is strong in girls. Congrats on the pony!
    Just wanted to let you know you’ve been in my thoughts with all the news of wildfires raging. I hope you all are safe.

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